Lane Bryant Credit Card

Plus size women deserve to be able to dress nice as well. The notion that only a certain size woman deserves to wear nice designers is one of the craziest ideas possibly of all time. Perhaps this is the reason that the Lane Bryant Stores have been doing so well selling their quality products for many years now. They are doing so well in fact that they are now offering their own Lane Bryant Credit Card. The Lane Bryant Credit Card allows now for many more savings to be offered to its patrons who love taking advantage of the sales they offer both in the physical store as well as online. The discount coupons and other deals added to the Lane Bryant Credit Card just make it even more of a great reason to try to sign up for the Lane Bryant Credit Card.

At first, not that many people knew about the Lane Bryant Credit Card. However, now more people have been becoming aware of the Lane Bryant Credit Card and all that it has to offer and have been making their way to the online and in-store application to get signed up. Currently, Lane Bryant has even been able to add to its offering international shipping which is a testament to just how far Lane Bryant and its Lane Bryant Credit Card has come over the years in serving now people all over the world. As of now, as a way to say thank you, you are able to receive an instant 15% off of your first purchase when you have been approved for the Lane Bryant Credit Card.


The Lane Bryant Credit Card also has ways for you to also gain points by shopping at their sister companies. This opens up a way for you to not only see what Lane Bryant offers but to also shop the selections of the sister companies and gain many more points. Every time that you reach a 400 point milestone with your Lane Bryant Credit Card you will receive a $10 gift certificate to use in their stores. The points add up pretty fast when you are given two points for every dollar that you are spending with your Lane Bryant Credit Card in their stores. If you also shop at the sister stores you will gain one point per dollar for each of those transactions as well. It's really a great thing to note that any company is allowing you to get points for their sister stores in the retail industry. There are also some other exclusive sales and coupon deals that you will receive monthly in order to make the sales you will participate in that much greater.

Over the years the success of Lane Bryant has really been reliant on them coming up with some really great ideas that have kept them relevant. Because of the Lane Bryant Credit Card there are many more shoppers than ever before taking advantage of online and in-store promotions. If you happen to be one of those people who really love Lane Bryant and you are still thinking about the Lane Bryant Credit Card, we advise that you go ahead and dive in so you can save money and get your rewards for your loyalty as well.